Friday, October 18, 2013

Rescued from the Roadside

When I say "roadside" you probably think of a piece a furniture or something like that...
however our roadside find is a little different from the rest!
Here it is... 

Yep, it is a bouquet of flowers,
Jess and Anna were taking a walk about a week ago and found this beautiful bouquet of purple flowers...
what a great find, right?!

Granted they are looking a bit more wilted now however,
it was beautiful when it came to our home!

 {sorry about the fuzzy picture}
Often times...we can be the ones on the "roadside" of life till Jesus comes and picks us up, shakes off the dust, overlooks our scratches and bruises, and forgives us from every sin that we ever could have done and turns us into a new creature...a whole new person!
It reminds of the song sung by
The Booth Brothers
"A Masterpiece of Mercy"
Praise God for that,
So...enjoy listening!
Well...I do hope that you enjoyed getting a glimpse of our
"Roadside Rescue"!
Covered by His Grace~

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