Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome to The New...

 Another year over....a new one just begun. So many thing we did not get done in 2014. It would be so nice if we could just get the chance for a do-over. It would be easy to feel like a failure... and in truth,

 We are failures. at least the brave honest ones of us are.

Maybe...just maybe for a moment God wants us to realize we are failures, without HIM, that is.

Do you have a desire to do something great in your lifetime?

 Deep in our hearts we all have that burning desire...

The desire to do something great is an inborn response to the fact we are created by God to do great things for God. The fact that we were created by a great and eternal God... God has infinite purposes for everything He created. We serve an eternal God. We are eternal. We are designed to live and  to live eternally. Each thing we do has eternal purpose. Each decision we make, big or small, has eternal meaning.
 Throughout history, God has empowered ordinary men and women to do great things that glorify Him.

Joseph had a dream to do something great in the eyes of his family.
Moses had a desire to do something great for his nation.
Paul lived out a God-given burning passion to reach the Gentile world with Gospel of Jesus.

All God wants is the ordinary. The ordinary ones...the failures. The ones that just can't get it together... It's in this that we realize we can't...But He can. It's that humble heart that knows without the power of Jesus...It doesn't have a reason. But the humble heart.

Just a humble heart...

          That's what God wants. The humble-teachable heart that He can lift up.

What if this was the year to not make New Year's resolutions....But to look to God for new solutions to  old year's problems.

At the close of the old year, and the beginning of this new year. Take  moment to reflect on the old year. Who touched your life in a really special way? What were some big lessons you learned? Is there someone you need to forgive? Is there someone that helped your relationship with Christ grow? Take a moment and let that someone never know how much you may bless someone.

But one thing I do.....
     Pressing on toward the mark. That mark of the high calling of Jesus Christ.

Straining forward to what lies ahead!!
                                                                                     Philippians 3:13,14

What are your plans for this New Year? What is one (humanly) impossible thing you are too scared to ask God for? What Godly character quality do you want to possess this year? What is a 'problem' from the old year you need to get rid finding a God-given solution?

     Happy New Year Friends!!

~Yours Truly


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