Monday, November 18, 2013

A Mrs. Henry...

A few days ago Sophie slept late;
Sam wanted to surprise her with a
Mrs. Henry tea time breakfast.
He went about busying himself with the set up and menu...
On the menu was:
tea of course (cranberry juice), cheese sticks sliced (to look nice) grapes, popcorn, & vanilla wafers!
 Abby helped him get the table cloth ready. 
 He invited Betsy to join them!
The more the merrier....
I'd say she (Sophie) was well pleased!
We have been studying the civil war era, tea's and all sorts of hospitality lessons
(someone is listening well) wink!
He thinks so much of this and his "Mrs. Henry" house things to use..... sweet!
Stop by and look around at her place a bit...
you will be blessed!
Just an added thought here: it's never too early to teach our children hospitality; setting the table, serving foods, etc. We have been practicing using different dish sets and 'using' the things that normally are not used, so we will set a whole table and practice on different couples or families that we have over. It's been fun and an adventure to see what each one picks to use.
Along with decorating on a budget, using what you have. Smile
Take out those dishes that you never use!
It's a blessing and such a wonderful way to make memories with the children
Next time maybe she can come!
Blessings ~ 

"Be hospitable to one another without grumbling." ~1 Peter 4:9


  1. That is so sweet.! The food looks great Sam!

  2. That looks like great fun. Thanks for sharing such delightful photos. :- )


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